1. Earn Entry Ticket to this event through Deposit. Please Refer “http://www.iclub88.com/promotion.html”for more information.
  2. Press/Click on “Play Now” in the Mini Game event page to start playing.
  3. Objective is to score a Goal versus the computerized Goal Keeper.
  4. Prize will be displayed for each and every Goal scored.

Additional Features – Collect All Groups Flag Stamp

  1. Each time a Goal is scored on the Mini Game, a random prize will be given. In addition, you might receive a bonus Flag stamp, which you can collect to receive additional prizes for completing each groups Flag stamp collection.
  2. Prizes for completion of each groups gets higher, the more you complete the higher the prize is for the next completion.
  3. Should you manage to complete the 8 Groups flag before the event ends, you may attempt again to collect all the flags with the same amount of prizes. No limit on flag completion attempts.
  4. Prizes for completing each Groups Flag stamp collection is as below :


Groups Prize
1st Completion SGD 8
2nd Completion SGD 10
3rd Completion SGD 20
4th Completion SGD 50
5th Completion SGD 100
6th Completion SGD 200
7th Completion SGD 500
8th Completion SGD 1000


Terms & Conditions

  1. This promotion will start from 11-06-2018 12:00:01 (GMT +8) until 15-07-2018 23:59:59 (GMT +8).
  2. This promotion is open for every active iClub88 members.
  3. To gain tickets, members are required to perform a deposit of minimum SGD 100 to receive 1 ticket from 11-06-2018 12:00:01 (GMT +8) until 15-07-2018 23:59:59 (GMT +8). UNLIMITED number of tickets to be earned daily throughout the event, the MORE you deposit the MORE entry ticket you receive.
  4. Members who have earned these tickets are given additional 1 day to utilize the tickets earned after the event end date. Unused tickets after 16-07-2018 [23:59:59 – GMT +8] will be VOIDED and no refund or exchange will be entertained.
  5. For every successful Goal scored, a random prize will be displayed. In addition, you might receive a bonus Flag stamp, which you can collect to receive additional prizes for completing each groups Flag stamp collection
  6. Tickets are given based on the amount deposited each time instead of a combined amount per day. Please refer to Tickets Table below:


Event Tickets Earned Per Deposit
Deposit Amount ≥ SGD 100 1 ticket
Deposit Amount ≥ SGD 500 6 tickets
Deposit Amount ≥ SGD 1000 13 tickets
Deposit Amount ≥ SGD 3000 40 tickets


  1. All prizes redeemed throughout this event are subjected to 8 times turnover requirement before withdrawal can be made.
  2. For every Goal scored, members will be receiving a random prize based on the Prize List table below.
  3. iClub88 reserves the right to change the terms or remove this promotion at any time with or without prior notification.
  4. General promotional Terms & Conditions applied.


Prize List
1st Prize SGD 5000
2nd Prize SGD 2500
3th Prize SGD 1000
4th Prize SGD 500
5th Prize SGD 200
6th Prize SGD 100
7th Prize SGD 50
8th Prize SGD 20
9th Prize SGD 10
10th Prize SGD 5


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